Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to stand out in your business

Standing out from the pack is what gives a company an edge in this tight market. If you've ever wondered what to do to stand out we have got your answers. We want to help you learn how to stand out in your business.

Standing out in business means doing what it takes

When you do what it takes to get the job done that means you're going above and beyond for the client. We believe in always doing your best in whatever you do. Even if that means you learn that we compete on value over price each and every single day.

Here at Turner Machine Co we do things a little differently. We pride ourselves on standing out in the pack. We believe in quality over quantity. Our culture is different and we want our salesmen to be different as well. We sometimes have clients bring us jobs that are great jobs. But they're not what we are good at. It's not what we do best and we always want to shine and do what we do best here. That sometimes means we say no if it's not what we do best! How do you stand out? You stand out when you're the best at what you do.

Where other folks have to compete on price we try to compete on the value we bring the customer. We don't just want to make your items and ship them out the door. We want to make sure we put them through quality control and that they work and work as they were supposed to based on the prints. We work hard at making sure what goes out the door is top quality.

You may say, "Well we want the cheapest item at the quickest turnaround time."

What we say is, "Let us do it right and deliver it on time." Quality is so important when we are making the items you need to run your manufacturing lines. If you've not worked with us and have had issues with other companies maybe it's time you reached out to us to let us quote your needs.

Our salesmen are always just an email away. If you have automation jobs you need a quote on reach out to Jay at  If you have build to print jobs be sure to give Mike a shoutout at

We'd love to show you what makes us stand out from the rest.

Check us out by following us on Facebook and see our videos on Youtube!  Curious about us? Visit our website at and see what our culture is about!

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