Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back To The Basics - Keeping the Fun in Sales

Back To The Basics: Keeping The Fun In Sales
David Oliphant
Sales, when approached correctly, can be a lot of fun and the best profession in the world. Sort of like at the playground as a kid, you get to choose who to play with every day! On the flip side, when approached incorrectly, sales can be a grind. This grind happens when a salesperson is left alone, not trained, not coached and left to fail or succeed on their own. Fortunately, our long sales days on the road have none of these elements. Truly owning the sales process from beginning to end is only one element of the fun. Targeting clients that are interested in a partnership as opposed to a vendor relationship is another element. Now, for the true fun to begin, it takes creativity. While on the road in tandem, we’ve begun to capture teachable moments that make a basis for our sales training in written vignette format. In time, these will become the basis of a book, with very colorful titles that bring us back to the teaching moment. For the time being, it’s real world sales training and topics for our weekly “Role Practice”. In addition, we’ve begun to capture our excitement in video format, with short little recordings under the title of “The Juice”. These are not ready for prime time, though we’ve enjoyed sharing our enthusiasm internally. In addition, we capture pictures outside our clients’ buildings to chronicle our fun on the road. Both of these really give the entire company a glimpse into our world at our 6:58am company-wide Huddle. So, sales can be fun if you make it that way. Happy selling!

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