Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back to the Basics – Seeing our Clients

Back to the Basics – Seeing our Clients
David Oliphant

If I were just starting out in the profession of sales and didn’t have a coach or mentor, it would definitely be a tough path to success.

From 30 years of experience (which I’ve done just about everything) and reading other articles and how-to blogs, the conflicting information is immense. The other day I read an article announcing the death of outside sales teams and how the entire sales world as we know it, had moved to inside sales and web-based. For all of our/my competitors, please take this to heart and hide behind your computer screens and wait for the phone to ring!

As the world evolves and becomes more complicated, the basics have become a more important part of sales success. Very simply, people buy from those they like and those they trust. The easiest way to like and trust someone is to see them. And see them and see them and see them. The cycle has to begin with meeting them, then to building rapport and then to building a relationship. All of these steeped in trust and likeability.

As we march daily at TMC to be that world-class sales team by which others are measured, our pledge to our clients and partners, is that you’ll continue to see us and we’ll bring value to each visit. Looking forward to seeing each of you soon…….

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